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Dacianos' album Gratis?

Scroll down to listen to three free gratis mp3s below, tucked under the front cover image. At the bottom of the page is the video of a fourth song.

The songs:

1. Sweet Companion, in which Barry duets with Marie to the sweet background of piano, glockenspiel, metallophone and cellos.
2. Sabina, in which a seriously wonky guitar struggles against an 80s keyboard while three Barrys channel the spirit of Anais Nin.
3. Polyxo's Ghosts, in which Barry bashes away at the piano singing about the death of Helen of Troy while metallphones are bowed, water is splashed, pot lids etc. are banged and cellos weep.
4. Future Times, in which Barry outlines a jaunty murder plot that uses internet dating as a weapon, while synth helicopters come and go from a song based around happy guitar chords with the chorous pedal firmly 'on'.
5. I Didn't Hear moves the album on. Sombre. Tremelo.
6. Lighthouse Beam, in which Barry speaks into a microcassette about Wandsworth Park, Marie sings again and the harmonium breathes.
7. Ebbing Tide, two relentless chords, metallophone melody and we wonder what price we are.

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Gratis? cover

Sweet Companion, mp3

Polyxo's Ghosts, mp3

Lighthouse Beam, mp3

Sabina video, made in the Arctic, 2009, by Dave Walsh:

R e t u r n  t o  i n d e x

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