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The second Dacianos mini-album Hold Music. Streaming on the Dacianos Catalogue Soundcloud. Buy the CD from our shop or the digital album at bandcamp.

'Section 20 (radio edit)' video directed by Miyazato Yoshinori:

hold music cover - click for larger image

From reviews:

"...a distinctly emotive, Sunday-afternoon-sunlight world." Splendid ezine.

"Mood music, for sure, but mood music that, due to its intensity, never becomes aural wallpaper." Jewish Chronicle

"A gently hypnotic guitar chord, starkly beautiful piano, and the hint of a cello start up before gently building for a few minutes until a fragile voice gently sings lyrics based on the Tao Te Ching...This is intelligent, uncompromising music made from the heart...a marvellously atmospheric epic...surprisingly accessible." OMH

"It's a sprawling, free jazz-inflected affair... Dacianos' arrangements have a passive sense of adventure that can make for an easy listen and a challenge all at the same time." FAC193

"Beautiful, spiritual, melodic music... over twenty minutes of poignant music punctuated with moments of genuine joy." No Disco

"Epic, reflective, and brooding in parts, but this (extended) two-song mini-album holds a quality that reassures you that there is still purity and beauty in music today." Soundwaves Update

"Literate and melodic mood music." Dao House

"There's an interesting narrative to be found in the lyrics." Dark Star Org

"A dream where you are sitting, staring at a calm blue ocean with your lover's head resting on your shoulder. A dream where everything is beautiful and you need worry about nothing. The music takes you to a wonderful place, but the constant humming in the back of your head is what eventually wins through and you wake up. The melodies fade out one by one, leaving only the ringing in your ears. Leaving you in a deserted space. You are left feeling like you are after waking up in a desert wasteland with no idea how you got there, or why. This is a musical journey." Sorted Magazine

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